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The first team in the world to bring together multiple expertise in radiation risk management and clinical innovation. Our team jointly builds "product", software, technical and methodological innovations with numerous partners.

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A human adventure

“From Day 1, we have chosen to focus on people and scientific excellence, to further protect patients and workers.”

Fanny CARBILLET, President.

Our vision:

Bringing together nuclear physics, biology, cytogenetics, fluid mechanics, modeling, mathematics, training, electronics, physics and clinical science… at the service of health! We thus open up an unprecedented potential of creativity that is particularly appreciated by our clients and teams.

Our missions and values:

To meet the human and technical challenges associated with the use of radiation. Day after day, our teams work on this goal, without losing sight of our values: passion, audacity, dynamism, agility, a taste for innovation, openness…It is these shared values that have led us to go beyond our historical core business (the management of risks linked to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation), leading us today to put physics and biology at the service of personalized medicine and predictive imaging.

Travail d'équipe Alara Group expertise en rayonnement - 4 entreprises et 1 vision commune : Pour mieux protéger, anticiper et personnaliser.

Our history

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Neolys Diagnostics
Alara to
Alara RT

Our ambition: to protect and increase therapeutic effectiveness.

As radiation experts, developing predictive methods for the toxicity of radiotherapy treatments for cancer patients could not be overlooked. We have therefore developed 2 innovations:

RadioDetect©, makes it possible to know, from a blood test, whether a patient appears to be normally sensitive or not to radiation and presents a risk of toxicity linked to the planned treatment.

– RadioProfile©, based on skin cell analysis, will indicate how radiosensitive the patient is, and therefore what the “degree” of toxicity is.

This will give the therapist more information about whether to adapt the treatment or even change the treatment strategy.

Alara Group, Neolys Diagnostic : experte en management des risques et innovation clinique liés aux rayonnements - Radiosensibilité, Protection Patient

From physics to Smart Data : discover Rayflex

The radiation safety management platform

Alara Expertise provides all its clients with a free radiation safety management platform: Rayflex.

Clients can access and store all their data, control the compliance of their establishment, and anticipate their needs! All this in a few clicks and with performance indicators…

“Data play a key role today in all sectors of activity. Their growing volume allow us to take a new look at things. Our IT team develops numerous software tools in order to make your data reliable, monitor performance and make smart data available to you: major challenges!”

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Our group benefits from a multidisciplinary team with 15 years of experience

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Our team monitors regulations and contributes to the development of technical standards.

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