Radiation Expert

Radiation physics and biology at the service of medicine and risk management: audits, radiation safety training, medical physics, dosimeters, monitoring software, radiosensitivity tests, numerical simulations, etc.

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Innovation for the common good

Unprecedented synergies in the fight against cancer and cardiovascular disease

Alara Group assembles a unique mix of skills to invent the personalized and safe medicine of tomorrow. After 15 years of R&D in radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing), our team has already demonstrated its creativity and passion through 14 families of patents; world firsts to the benefit of patients and caregivers!

Our ambition: to increase therapeutic effectiveness against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Our brands

Medical physics and radiation safety 

The first qualified radiation safety organization in France in its industry, Alara Expertise supports and trains medical imaging departments in radiation safety and medical physics.

Safety and predictive imaging in MRI

A unique solution for reliable MRI images, sequences and increased safety for patients and staff. Spin Up optimizes use, care and performance.

Dosimetric sensors

The only solution worldwide able to measure in real time the x-ray dose received by your patients in a CT scan. Fibermetrix innovates in challenging environments.

Radiosensitivity test

Neolys Diagnostics contributes to a better patient care for radiotherapy patients, through the first validated tests to define personalized radiosensitivity.

Opting for team spirit

If 99% of our employees stay with us for more than 5 years, there are good reasons. A real team spirit on a daily basis, ambitious projects, a common vision based on scientific excellence and career perspectives for all...

Alara Group is recruiting 30 people in 2023, join us!

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