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Radiation physics and biology at the service of medicine and risk management: audits, radiation safety training, medical physics, dosimeters, monitoring software, radiosensitivity tests, numerical simulations, etc.

4 main focuses on radiation

Patient and occupational safety, personalized medicine and predictive imaging

Protecting patients from radiation

Améliorer la sécurité et la protection des patients vis à vis des rayonnements.

maitriser vos installations (contrôles qualité), ainsi que la prise en charge de vos patients à risque (ex.: porteurs de dispositifs implantés en IRM et femmes enceintes/enfants en imagerie RX). Formation de votre personnel, mais aussi l’élaboration de nouveaux protocoles de prise en charge, ou enfin l’optimisation des paramètres d’acquisition et les séquences : en bref, l’expertise depuis plus de 15 ans chez ALARA Expertise et Spin Up.

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having a true sentinel that measures the doses actually received by each of your patients allows you to avoid incidents with IVIscan, the world’s first detector for scanning developed by Fibermetrix.

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Patients’ safety

Improving the safety and protection of your staff from radiation is essential!

medicine, radiotherapy, industry: training each professional is a priority in order to identify and reduce risks.

implementing appropriate protection and prevention measures, drafting information notices and work procedures, taking into account your workers at particular risk (e.g. pregnant women) are necessary steps in risk management .

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Personalized medicine

The future lies in personalized medicine, through the adaptation of treatment for each patient.

adapt your patient care depending on their sensitivity to radiation, with the RadioDtect© and RadioProfile© tests from Neolys Diagnostics.

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diagnose your patients’ pathology more accurately using CFD calculations from their MRI images.

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Predictive imaging

Assessing the reliability of medical data is crucial and mastering it and knowing how to make the most of this information is strategic!

Spin Up is the only French company to calibrate your 4D flow MRI and characterize its geometric distortions.

Thanks to our innovative MRI imaging solutions, control your 4D flow cardiovascular images and access a much higher level of patient-specific biomechanical information than MRI alone. Our long-term objective: to better predict the evolution of aneurysm-like pathologies, in order to adapt patient care.

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Our patented technology

Two world firsts at Neolys Diagnostics.

As radiation experts, we believe it is essential to work on the development of predictive methods of treatment toxicity for all patients.

Neolys Diagnostics presents two world premieres:
– RadioDetect©, a screening test, allows the identification of patients at risk in order to discover whether they are normally sensitive to radiation or not

RadioProfile©, a complete characterization test, allows to define the level of radiosensitivity of a patient

Thanks to these 2 innovations, the therapist will have all the elements at his disposal to know if he should adapt the treatment, or even change the management strategy.

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