[CERTIFICATION] OCR 2022: OCR surveillance audit successfully passed for Alara Expertise!

Alara Expertise, a certified expertise

Recognized expertise

A guarantee of the quality of our services, and the fruit of our daily work with you for over 15 years, this certification is recognition of our expertise.

Alara Expertise is certified in the following areas:

Thank you to every member of our team for their commitment and dynamism, which has made Alara Expertise one of the leading OCRs in France.

Interest of the study

Now, whatever your equipment (including interventional radiology and CT scanning) and thanks to our certification, you can entrust us with the entire “Radiation Protection Advisor” function.

Trust the experts and gain peace of mind: outsource your radiation protection

Wondering if outsourcing the CRP function is the best solution for your facility? Our customer advisors will carry out a personalized study for you, free of charge!

➔ Contact us: 03 69 09 21 35 or info@alara-expertise.fr

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