[ANNONCE] Neolys Diagnostics 1st prize in the Fondation Force pour l'Innovation et la Recherche en Santé call for projects

Interest of the study

Abbreviation for For children use onlythe FOCUSO project aims to improve the improve the management of pediatric cancers treated with radiotherapy. 🧬🧑‍⚕️

Thanks to predictive tests, Neolys offers radiotherapists the possibility of knowing the degree of radiosensitivity for each patient before radiotherapy.

The purpose? Personalize radiotherapy according to the degree of individual radiosensitivity.

This project is totally in line with the project of the Force Foundation which aims to to define, promote, finance or implement aid and cooperation actions in the field of health, allowing the development of medical and biomedical research, as well as the application and optimization of treatment and life support techniques, with a view to improving the quality of care provided to patients

The Force Foundation rewards research and innovation

Founded in 2017, the foundation devotes since 2021, via its board of directors, a portion of its resources to support projects. The foundation’s first call for projects, launched at the end of 2021, brought together 25 innovative candidate projects. Of these, seven were selected and awarded. The 7 best Alsatian health projects were divided into in the form of a grant or equity investment, an endowment of 1.3 million euros.

This endowment will allow our teams to deepen their research on radiotherapy treatment. This could further improve the quality of cancer care and help children fight the disease more effectively.

Thank you to all the members involved in the Force Foundation and to the members of its Scientific Council for their trust. Thanks also to BioValley France, for the expertise of the projects and to SEMIA for their support. Congratulations to all the other winners!

💡 To learn more about the Focuso project, but also about our cancer research contact us!

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