[CERTIFICATION] OCR 2022: OCR surveillance audit successfully passed for Alara Expertise!

Alara Expertise, a certified expertise

In 2020, QUALIANOR CERTIFICATION validated the certification of Alara Expertise, which thus became the first national player certified as a Competent Radiation Protection Organization (CRPO).

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting our clients and we are proud of the daily work of our teams: this certification is a recognition of our know-how and experience, concrete proof of the quality of our services!

Because customer satisfaction is a priority for our teams, they are committed to offering you services that are adapted to your needs in order to build solid collaborations together: quality and personalized support, reinforcement of our national presence, monitoring and anticipation of the regulatory and technical watch to be able to always offer new adapted solutions.

Interest of the study

And this year again, Alara Expertise has proven its expertise and its willingness to offer quality services by successfully validating the surveillance audit carried out by QUALIANOR CERTIFICATION with, in the end: 5 field audits, 2 days of documentary audit, and 0 non-conformities.

Now, whatever your equipment (including interventional radiology and CT) and thanks to our certification, you can entrust us with the entire function of “Radiation Protection Advisor” (formerly PCR).

Trust the experts and gain peace of mind: outsource your radiation protection

Wondering if outsourcing the CRP function is the best solution for your facility? Our customer advisors will carry out a personalized study for you, free of charge!

➔ Contact us: 03 69 09 21 35 or info@alara-expertise.fr

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